Welcome To the DeedCollector.com Application Process

DeedCollector.com Application Process

We strive for a mutally satisfying relationship with our researchers, so we feel it's important for you to understand more about the job that you are applying for before you begin filling out an application. Please review the three keypoints below before clicking apply now.

First - You will be an independent contractor.
This means that you will be responsible for your expenses, including travel to and from the courthouse. But rest assured, our per-record rate takes that into account. You may even be entitled to a number of tax benefits, so be sure to seek professional tax advice.

Second - We pay weekly by direct deposit for accurate records submitted by the designated deadline.
Many researchers make $15-20 an hour. Remember you're paid per accurate record submitted, not hourly. The faster you type, the more you'll earn.

Third - An Average researcher needs 4 to 6 weeks to reach full earning potential.
This is because it takes time to learn the job. We provide all the tools, training and encouragement for your success, but you will need to provide perseverance, commitment and determination.